More Than What You See

More Than What You See is an audio podcast made by Jo Leahy from Resound Radio with recordings of conversations between patients from Leckhampton Hospice and artists during a series of art and poetry workshops.

More Than What You See is a body of work combining 2D and 3D visual arts, poetry and sound, produced by patients at Leckhampton Day Hospice. Patients worked with poet Jon Seagrave and artists Allie Litherland, Annabel Other & The Bristol Art Library, Moina Leahy-Walker and Rebecca Connolly. Sound recordings and podcasts by Jo Leahy of SVA and photography by Jane Mullane.

The project was funded by Camden Arts Trust

1.Bristol Art Library -Annabel Other PT1.Kerry & Thomas

2.Bristol Art Library -Annabel Other PT2.Edward Jim, Maureen Thomas And Viv

3.Poetry - Jonny Fluffypunk PT1.Caroline Jones

4.Poetry - Jonny Fluffypunk PT2.Mandy

5.Poetry - Jonny Fluffypunk
PT3 John

6.Bookmaking Moina Leahy Walker PT1.Kerry & Thomas

7.Bookmaking Moina Leahy Walker PT2.Angie & Jane

8.Bookmaking Moina Leahy Walker PT3.Glynnis

9.Bookmaking Moina Leahy Walker PT4.Spencer

10.3D Digital Printing Workshop-Allie Litherland.PT1

11.3D Digital Printing Workshop-Allie Litherland PT2.Kerry

12.3D Digital Printing Workshop - Allie Litherland PT3.Thomas